Pevonia SkinCare


Elite eco-friendly, natural skincare line, Pevonia Botanica UK offers over 150 at-home products and more than 100 Professional in-spa treatments.


Pevonia provides effective natural skincare solutions for women, men, teens, and preteens of every skin type and ethnicity. Nature's purest holistic botanical and marine elements synergise with high-tech manufacturing to deliver remarkable visible results.


Pevonia contains no artificial fragrance, no alcohol, no chemical filters, no mineral oil, no lanolin nor PABA and is non-comedogenic.


Eco-friendly; fully recyclable products and packaging, non-animal tested, a scientific testing process for complete skin tolerance, product safety and confirmed proven results.


Every sensitiser and photo-sensitiser has been meticulously eliminated.


The purity and perfection of Pevonia's full range of ecologically-balanced, natural products bring ageless beauty from the spa to your face and body every day.


Each and every pore of your skin is drenched with nature's most selective, unadulterated plant extracts.


Choose Pevonia for its outstanding qualities, services, standards and commitment.


Top marketing and promotional strategies with award-winning support programme.


Pevonia is more than just a product ... back up, service, support and education which is exemplary.


Outstanding results ... the natural way.

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Made with organic extracts, Pevonia maintains a harmonious balance with precious resources by offering fully recyclable, completely biodegradable or reusable packaging, and refrains from any form of animal testing. Free from parabens, alcohol, lanolin, mineral oil, PABA, artificial colours, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate, and urea, Pevonia has a passionate commitment to help save the earth.


Whatever your skincare concerns ... Pevonia has the answer.